I Won't Be Perfect

You see, the problem is that I can't be prefect. It's not in my control. I can work toward it, but I will never hit the mark.

One of my favorite people in therapy once said, "I am a recovering perfectionist". I was so very proud of her.

We can imagine being brilliant. We can remain paralyzed by fear of doing something wrong. Best is often the enemy of better (or even, good enough). The secret is that making mistakes is making progress.

You would not expect to hit the bulls-eye the first time you tried archery. You shoot too far to the right several times, so you aim left. However, if you really need to hit the center on the very first shot, or fear the judgement of your fellow archers, you won't pick up the bow. We need to be beginners sometimes. We need to cultivate the "beginner's mind".

Please remember that the only person that truly knows the limits of their abilities is the person that exceeds those limits and falls flat on their face. I say, "not so bad, I will pick myself up again".

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