Lifelong Learning

Q) Recently, my boss has insisted that I enroll at a local college for training in a specialty related to my work. I resent the intrusion into my private time and I am quite nervous about being back in school. How do I get him to back off?

A) Setting yourself on fire might be a start. Refusing to upgrade your skills is certainly just that damaging to you.

Consider this: in electronics, half of what a freshman student learns is obsolete by senior year. Eighty-five percent of all the information in the National Institutes of Health computers is upgraded every five years. For professionals in all fields, it is no longer possible to conquer a body of knowledge, so specialization is increasing.

Is this scary? All change is. Certainly, going back to school is a challenge. However, your boss is giving you a hand and not the heave-ho. The price is continued learning. Lifelong learning is going to be the norm, not the exception. That, with the right attitude, could be a pleasure not a chore.

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